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Chiropractic Testimonials in Jacksonville, FL

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" I have suffered from lower back pain for many years. Over the years, I have been to a chiropractor only once for treatment without much success. I thought that I would try again at North Florida Spine & Injury Center. The office was very clean & modern, the staff friendly & efficient. My wait for the Dr. was only 15 minutes. Dr. Zeccardi was very professional, asked good questions, and listened very attentively to my answers. After just a couple of treatments, my lower back pain is all but gone. I would highly recommend North Florida Spine & Injury Center. "

Joe M.

" North Florida Spine and Injury Center provides evidence-based, expert care and professional services from a courteous, friendly staff who make you feel like a 'regular' from your very first visit. Dr. Zeccardi is a gifted healer for anyone who is seeking a healthy effective approach to complementary or alternative treatment of pain. I would highly recommend a visit to Dr. Zeccardi and his staff to friends and family! "

Bonnie S.

" Dr. Z is amazing. He takes the time to explain everything to you. He makes you feel as if you're his only patient, even if there are 20 others there. His staff is amazing as well. They really make you feel important, almost as if I have found a second family there. i have been to another chiropractor that had made me lose faith, but give Dr. Z and his staff a visit, and you will never go elsewhere."

Jessica J.

" When I say he is a miracle worker, he is. He works wonders for me. "

Maurice H.

" The doctor is amazing. The staff is friendly & always willing to work with you!

Catharine C.

" He goes above and beyond in helping you on your road to recovery. Thank you so much! "

Joseph M.

" Just as a side note, I was very impressed with how conveniently located this business was and how close it was to other shopping centers. It was so easy to find; I didn't have any trouble at all. I felt that they really valued my health and happiness because they followed up even after my appointment just to check up on me. It was such a nice gesture that made a huge difference. It was very easy to get an appointment. They have a very flexible schedule and get me in quickly every time. Not only do they never postpone my appointment, they always try to get me in as soon as possible. I love that I can always get an appointment right away, and I never have to worry about them rescheduling it. I wasn't stiff at all after my appointment. They are always very careful, ad make sure I'm always comfortable.


" I have suffered from chronic migraines for years, and the past 8-10 months have been horrible - missing work & missing out on my life. I have been to so many different Dr.'s, chiropractors, and neurologists to name a few. They all said the same thing, "Here's a pill. You just need rest." But Dr. Z has made my daily migraines disappear completely within about 4 weeks. Something that no one else has been able to do since 2007! I thank God for Dr. Z and his staff, even Kelby. "

Erica J.

" This was my first time going since I've had back problems. Dr. Z is AMAZING!!!! I was really nervous but he made me feel relaxed and throughout the appt. his staff was just AWESOME!!!! I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THEM!!!!😊👍🏻 "

Evangeline N.

" North Florida Spine and Injury Center is second to none!

Pete M.

" Very friendly, professional, and helpful! Thank you!"


 Gave great advice & was very concerned about my injury!

Leashar W.

" If you are looking for an expert doctor who truly cares about his patients and who goes above and beyond to provide his patients with knowledge and help with every aspect of the healing process, then you have come to the right place! Dr. Zeccardi is amazing, helpful, and truly dedicated to his practice and he goes the distance helping patients navigate the post-accident minefields of pain, suffering, and insurance. He is also the most down to earth, pleasant, and easy to talk to Doctor that i have known since my family doctor as a child. He has worked wonders in getting me back on my feet and feeling whole again! He has my highest recommendation! "

Ben H.

" I felt very safe in their care. I definitely trust them. They've definitely given me helpful lifestyle & nutritional tips. They always want what's best for me. They have really great customer service here. They always put their customers first, regardless of the situation. Everything they told me in the beginning ended up turning out exactly the way they said it would. They were able to provide me everything they promised me. I've never doubted their abilities.


" My experience with Dr. Zeccardi has been wonderful! He is very knowledgeable and great at explaining your injuries and how your body responds to pain. He also takes the time to explain the treatment plan & the process of healing. He and his staff are very professional and always call me to remind me of my appointments. I would definitely recommend Dr. Zeccardi to all of my friends and family. This has been my best chiropractic experience.

B. Russell

" Dr. Z is a cutie pie, and he has perfected the art of a chiropractor. He was very gentle and down to earth. I recommend him to all of my friends and family."

Stephanie B.

"I feel so much better & reassured that my pain will heal after my visits. He is very respectful, cares about the patient's pain, and wants them to get better."   

Erica F.

" Dr. Zeccardi is the best doctor I have ever met. He really cares. North Florida Spine and Injury Center has a great staff as well. Great place!

Valerie B

" I was referred to Dr. Z, and I cannot explain the results enough. I can move my neck like never before, headaches are limited/almost completely elimated (other than occasional extra stressful work days), and my pain is almost completely relieved. The staff was friendly, efficient, and helpful. Dr. Z is clearly knowledgeable and has lots of experience. The facility was beautiful, up to date, and very comfortable. Highly recommend the care here for an experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy chiropractor!

H Ball

" Dr. Zeccardi is wonderful! I have been treated by him for some time now, and he is always professional, caring, and takes the time to really diagnose and treat my spine issues. He has tried treatments no other chiro ever tried and they work! Thank you, Dr. Z and the great people and the North Florida Spine & Injury. "

Katie M.

 "My first time coming to a chiropractor, and the staff had great bedside matter. They answered all my questions. The doctor is very professional and followed up with me after each appointment.

Stephanie B.

" The doctor & staff  are very kind, caring, and professional. I am very pleased with the treatment I received, including the massages by the LMT. I am looking forward to my next visit.


" Every visit truly makes a difference with my back. The staff is helpful and Dr. Zeccardi is awesome at explaining and letting you know exactly what needs to be done. Best Chiropractor I've been to."


"Professional & prompt staff. The facility is beautiful, with up-to-date equipment. Dr. Z is friendly and makes sure you understand your condition and what the steps to improve are. They even have late days, which work perfectly with my schedule, and I don't have to leave work early for treatment. After two visits, I already feel a difference in my back pain. I highly recommend this office."   

Nikita T.

" My experience with Dr. Zeccardi was very pleasant. He makes sure you understand the cause and effects of your injury and makes you feel comfortable with treatment. I would recommend Dr. Zeccardi to 100% of my family and friends.


" Dr. Zeccardi takes the time and effort to listen and understand you problem, and he always goes out of his way to give you the best solution for your health. I would definitely recommend my family and friends to Dr. Zeccardi."


"Great doctor. If you have pain or know somebody that does, Dr. Z is the person to see. He is caring and is a loving person. He is the best."   

Angie B.

" He is a great doctor and he really cares about all his patients. His staff is also great!"

Jean S.

Rated as One of the Top 10 Chiropractors by the American Institute of Chiropractors

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