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Taking Care of Auto Injuries and Whiplash Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

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Car Accident Injury and Whiplash Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

Let our trained professionals help you escape your pain, heal your injury, and optimize your overall well-being.

Please download this accident preparedness kit and keep it in the glovebox of your car with your registration and insurance card.

Accident Preparedness Kit

Our Philosophy

"Where your pain ends and health begins" is more than just our motto. This philosophy helps guide us through each and every patient encounter, ensuring the residents of Jacksonville and Orange Park Florida receive top quality care.

Car Accidents

Each year, thousands of people experience debilitating pain from automobile accident injury events. We are here to help. We have been taking care of Auto Injuries and Whiplash Treatment in Jacksonville, FL for years, let us help you.

Sports Injuries

When things go awry on the playing field, it's your health that suffers. If you've been injured, don't delay - give us a call!

Find Relief From Pain

If you are suffering from neck pain or lower back pain and are frustrated with remedies that haven't worked, we are here for you. If you have been told you have a bulging disc, herniated disc or multiple disc injuries and would like a conservative approach as opposed to invasive procedures or potentially harmful medications, we can help. If you are suffering from pain related to a whiplash injury, we are specifically equipped to successfully treat these types of ailments.

We Work Tirelessly For You

We are a team of professionals who are focused on properly identifying the cause of your pain and will work tirelessly in order to fix these problems and not merely cover up pain symptoms. Please do not delay in the treatment of your injuries, give our office a call if you are experiencing any pain. We are in network with most insurance plans, and also provide same-day appointments and walk-in service if needed.

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Dr. Zeccardi DC, FIAMA is a chiropractic physician in between Jacksonville, FL and Orange Park, FL on the boarder of Duval county and Clay county offering chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, physiotherapy, car accident treatment, motor vehicle accident treatment, truck accident treatment, injury care, whiplash treatment, and more.